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IMG_6148 Bier Car... Better than driving with a Bitte ein Bit sticker IMG_6150 Frosche and Han figuring out the way IMG_6152 Freeriders checking out a jump IMG_6153 Frosch going off a jump.  Somehow managed to switch the camera to B/W IMG_6154 Frosch landing... IMG_6155 Frosch taking off IMG_6156 Frosch getting air IMG_6157 Frosch sticking it again. He did this one about 5 times. IMG_6158 Looking at some built ramps IMG_6163 IMG_6164 IMG_6165 Digitals a little slow... IMG_6166 IMG_6168 IMG_6169 IMG_6170 For sale, one seat slightly used.  Han stuck a tree jumping off of a ledge.  You can see where he's been bandaged on his leg... There was more. IMG_6171 Han telling wife that he seems to have another injury in a sensitive area. IMG_6172 Wife, attending to Han's injuries...  This was as close as I wanted to get. IMG_6173 Frosch, approching switchback IMG_6175 Frosch on switchback IMG_6177 Photo op. IMG_6178 Stair ride